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Reliable rug repair

Repair your rug with rug repair services from Murphy Rug & Furniture Cleaners. Get the results that you're looking for with our handcraftsmanship on rug repairs, matching of materials and colors, and restoration of heirloom rugs! We offer pick-up and delivery service for both furniture and rug repairs.

All types of rugs are repaired

  • Handmade and hand knotted rugs

  • Machine-made

  • Wool rugs

  • Leather rugs

  • Synthetic rugs

You can also count on us for new knots, new fringes, carpet seaming, and carpet binding. If your damaged rug is beyond repair, we can provide disposal services.


Keep in mind that your family heirloom will be treated with the highest care and that attention to detail at Murphy Rug & Furniture Cleaners is very important to us.

FREE estimates are always available.

Call now to schedule your rug repair service.